Stainless Steel Pipe Prices

Stainless Steel Pipe Prices


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Paslanmaz Boru Ürün Detayları

Stainless Steel Pipe Prices

Stainless steel pipe prices are determined by the stainless steel market. Stainless steel exchange is determined by 3 major competitors in the world by America, Europe and China. In the general sense, the supply and demand variables that bring the seller and the buyer together and determine the prices of stainless steel and hence stainless pipes. Unfortunately, there is no stainless steel seamless pipe production in Turkey, so, we are completely dependent on imports for stainless pipe price. The importer, who has trouble on setting prices between stainless steel exchange, domestic and foreign exchange rates, may encounter different prices in each shipment and this is reflected to the users in the same way. It is almost impossible to trade at fixed list prices. However, to help you, our stainless pipe prices range list for some pipe sizes that we have updated from time to time are in below.

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316L Stainless Steel Pipe Price Table

Outer Diameter of PipePipe Wall ThicknessStandartProduction TypeProductPrice
6 mm1 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube6×1 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price2$ - 5$
8 mm1 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube8×1 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price2$ - 5$
10 mm1 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube10×1 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price3$ - 6$
12 mm1,5 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube12×1,5 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price5$ - 8$
14 mm2 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube14×2 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price6$ - 9$
15 mm1,5 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube15×1,5 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price6$ - 9$
16 mm2 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube16×2 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price9$ - 12$
18 mm2 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube18×2 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price10$ - 14$
20 mm2 mmASTM-A269Seamless Tube20×2 mm Stainless Steel Pipe Price12$ - 16$

Önemli Not: Fiyatlar sadece fikir vermek için belirtilmiştir. Lütfen geçerli fiyatlar için bizimle iletişime geçiniz.