ASTM-A269 Stainless Steel Pipe-Hydraulic Pipe

ASTM-A269 Stainless Steel Pipe-Hydraulic Pipe


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What is ASTM-A269 Stainless Pipe?

ASTM-A269 stainless pipes are welded and seamless austenitic stainless steel pipes which are suitable for general use. ASTM-A269 standard pipes are generally used in hydraulic systems. They are preferred in systems with low and high temperature ranges and under high pressure. Since our company serves for hydraulic sector, we only have seamless stainless pipes in our stocks.

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Why ASTM-A269 For Hydraulic Pipe?

There are many standards developed for pipes. These standards are sometimes seen with very little tolerance differences and sometimes with production method differences. These standards are summarized as stitched, seamless or welded, annealed and non- annealed in the sector.

Hydraulic system requirements sometimes require high pressures. At high pressures, the system elements must work in perfect harmony with each other so that unwanted results do not occur. Small tolerance errors in the circuit elements mentioned above cause such problemsIf the pipes and fittings connecting the pipes in hydraulic installations are produced within the tolerance range specified in the standards, you can reach the maximum pressure value allowed by the system elements without any problem. At this point, we need ASTM-A269 standard for hydraulic stainless pipes.

ASTM-A269 stainless pipes provide perfect compatibility with ring type fasteners manufactured in DIN-2353 norm. It is the pipe norm recommended by pipe fitting manufacturers. In order to ensure that our customers do not suffer material and moral losses, we recommend that they supply suitable stainless steel pipes and stainless steel fittings.