What is Hydraulic Fittings

What is Hydraulic Fittings

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hidrolik rakor,paslanmaz rakor

What is Hydraulic Fittings?

In fact, there is a need for a Hydraulic Union, but the Hydraulic Union, which should be used, is widely used. The definition of Rakor in Turkish is “It was a nice little piece of pipe as two pipes in plumbing. So the main usage is Rakor. By assembling the parts of the systems of the systems you know. It is accurate and reliable, in harmony with the environment. The main system firmware running within the system is the name of a very broad general description of the entire subcategory for the product line. You can examine the unions under two sub-headings as Hose unions and Pipe unions. Gland management should be chosen depending on the general managements and systems. system You cannot choose a piece of material that is resistant to 150 Bar to achieve a pressure of 200 Bar or, for example, the user equipment can withstand very high resistance, the target hose hose can hardly be considered large. White is only as strong as your weakest link.

hidrolik rakor,paslanmaz rakor

What Are The Hydraulic Fittings Types?

Glands; It can be examined in sub-categories according to attachment type and tooth types. There are double ferrule and single ferrule systems that are very similar to each other in pipe connections. Of course, the product also differs according to its raw material. Stainless Union, Steel Union and Yellow Union etc. Hydraulic hose unions can be grouped as straight hose unions, interlock hose unions and screwed hose unions.

Hydraulic Fittings According to Connection Types

  • Welding Fittings
  • Tube to Tube Fittings
  • Tube to Female Body Connections
  • Tube to Male Body Connections
  • Check Valves
  • Quick Couplings
  • Manometer Fittings

Hydraulic Fittings According to Thread Types

  • NPT Threaded
  • BSPP Threaded
  • BSPT Threaded
  • Metric Threaded
  • UNF Threaded etc.

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