Differences Between Welded and Seamless Pipe

Differences Between Welded and Seamless Pipe

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Differences Between Welded and Seamless Pipe

Pipes are indispensable in fluid control. Developing technology and requirements have imposed different meanings and tasks on pipes made to carry water from one place to another. Many different standards have been set worldwide for the developed pipes and fittings suitable for the pipes. These standards help us in choosing where and under which conditions it may work. We can examine stainless pipes under two main headings: welded pipe and seamless pipe for hydraulic sector. As the name suggests, welded pipes are formed into a pipe by welding from a straight strip. Seamless pipes take the form of pipes by cold or hot drawing method. Since these pipes are produced as a whole by drawing method, they are more resistant to pressure than welded pipes. Seamless pipes are used in high pressure systems.

1. Welded Pipe Features

Coil-shaped semi-finished products are first sized according to the desired pipe size. The flat sheet is then formed step by step, first half a moon and then a full circle. After the circle is completed, welding is performed from one end to the other, similar to the movement of the sewing machine.

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2. Seamless Pipe Features

In the production of seamless pipes, unlike welded pipes, they do not have any joints on them. These pipes produced by cold drawing method are more resistant to high pressures than welded pipes. Although they are more expensive in terms of cost, they are much more economical in the long term.

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