Quick Couplings – Flat Face Coupling

Quick Couplings – Flat Face Coupling


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Quick Couplings – Flat Face Coupling

Flat face quick coupling is provided with a ball lock system.
Due to its flat structure, dirt particles can only appear to a minimum on the joint surface.
Fluid loss is minimal.



Flat Face Couplings

The Flat Face Quick couplings with screws close the flow on both sides. Connection of the coupling sleeve and connection of the coupling nipple are performed by hand screwing the nut. During the coupling process, the valve is closed before opening. The transition is still closed before the connections are separated. In order to protect the valve, the parts must not be removed under pressure.

  • Protection against impulse pressure
  • Streamlined design in the flow range

Quick Flat Face Couplings Technical Data (standard design)

Material type: V4a = AISI 316, Standard Sealant PTFE
Uses: Mineral and glycol based hydraulic oils and
air and water environments with corrosion protection.
Temperature range: -20 ° C to + 200 ° C

Basınc / PressureDıs / ThreadOlculer / MeasurementsAkıs / Flow rateUrun Kodu / Product codeFiyat / Price €
Dısı / female
3151/4″-1986482212FF-1/4″-F140.00 €
2503/8″-19118682723FF-3/8″-F151.20 €
2501/2″-14125743245FF-1/2″-F188.15 €
2503/4″-14130793674FF-3/4″-F227.50 €
2501″-111539345100FF-1″-F239.50 €
2001 1/4″-11172.510655189FF-1 1/4″-F345.70 €
901 1/2″-11173132.565288FF-1 1/2″-F572.00 €
602″-1124215775379FF-2″-F1,738.00 €
Erkek / Male
3151/4″-1986482212FF-1/4″-M89.25 €
2503/8″-19118672723FF-3/8″-M106.40 €
2501/2″-14125683245FF-1/2″-M123.50 €
2503/4″-14130703674FF-3/4″-M154.00 €
2501″-111538245100FF-1″-M168.50 €
2001 1/4″-11172.59055189FF-1 1/4″-M240.70 €
901 1/2″-1117311265288FF-1 1/2″-M399.00 €
602″-1124212475379FF-2″-M1,114.00 €


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