Stainless Adjustable Brach Tee

Stainless Adjustable Brach Tee


Stainless Adjustable Brach Tee

Stainless tube connection with nut and ferrule on both sides, the middle is adjustable, it is reversed nut. It is frequently used in hydraulic installations.

It is made of 316 quality stainless steel and only imported products are available in stocks.


Middle Leg Reverse Tee – Middle Leg Pin Tee

Click here for tee with stainless pipe connection on three sides.

Paslanmaz Boru Çapı
Tube Diameter
Ürün Kodu
Product code
Price €
Orta Bacak Pimli Te L Serısı / Serıes
5006M 12 x 1,5ET-DKOL-0637.91 €
5008M 14 x 1,5ET-DKOL-0839.19 €
50010M 16 x 1,5ET-DKOL-1048.39 €
40012M 18 x 1,5ET-DKOL-1253.15 €
40015M 22 x 1,5ET-DKOL-1571.58 €
40018M 26 x 1,5ET-DKOL-1894.59 €
25022M 30 x 2ET-DKOL-22109.93 €
25028M 36 x 2ET-DKOL-28191.74 €
25035M 45 x 2ET-DKOL-35281.21 €
25042M 52 x 2ET-DKOL-42375.81 €
Orta Bacak Pimli Te  S Serısı / Serıes
8006M 14 x 1,5ET-DKOS-0639.45 €
8008M 16 x 1,5ET-DKOS-0842.77 €
80010M 18 x 1,5ET-DKOS-1053.38 €
63012M 20 x 1,5ET-DKOS-1258.29 €
63014M 22 x 1,5ET-DKOS-1474.14 €
63016M 24 x 1,5ET-DKOS-1694.59 €
42020M 30 x 2ET-DKOS-20120.16 €
42025M 36 x 2ET-DKOS-25191.74 €
42030M 42 x 2ET-DKOS-30250.54 €
42038M 52 x 2ET-DKOS-38383.47 €


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