Stainless Swivel Fitting Body BSP

Stainless Swivel Fitting Body BSP


Stainless Swivel Fitting Body BSP

Swivel fittings are made ready for installation by ferrule on the pipe side with nut. Perflex options are Viton or NBR. The perflex product which provides sealing is complementary.


Stainless Steel Swivel Fitting BSP Perflexed – Hydraulic Swivel Fitting Body

Paslanmaz Boru Çapı
Tube Diameter
Diş / ThreadÜrün Kodu
Product code
Price €
L Serısı / Serıes
3156G 1/8″EVGE-L-06-G 1/8″-ov-wd11.39 €
3156G 1/4″EVGE-L-06-G 1/4″-ov-wd12.54 €
3158G 1/4″EVGE-L-08-G 1/4″-ov-wd12.05 €
3158G 3/8″EVGE-L-08-G 3/8″-ov-wd14.54 €
31510G 1/4″EVGE-L-10-G 1/4″-ov-wd13.31 €
31510G 3/8″EVGE-L-10-G 3/8″-ov-wd14.54 €
31510G 1/2″EVGE-L-10-G 1/2″-ov-wd17.94 €
31512G 1/4″EVGE-L-12-G 1/4″-ov-wd12.78 €
31512G 3/8″EVGE-L-12-G 3/8″-ov-wd14.03 €
31512G 1/2″EVGE-L-12-G 1/2″-ov-wd17.94 €
31515G 3/8″EVGE-L-15-G 3/8″-ov-wd17.02 €
31515G 1/2″EVGE-L-15-G 1/2″-ov-wd17.02 €
31518G 3/8″EVGE-L-18-G 3/8″-ov-wd26.66 €
31518G 1/2″EVGE-L-18-G 1/2″-ov-wd23.59 €
16018G 3/4″EVGE-L-18-G 3/4″-ov-wd31.26 €
16022G 3/8″EVGE-L-22-G 3/8″-ov-wd28.29 €
16022G 1/2″EVGE-L-22-G 1/2″-ov-wd28.29 €
16022G 3/4″EVGE-L-22-G 3/4″-ov-wd29.90 €
16022G 1″EVGE-L-22-G 1″-ov-wd* €
16028G 3/4″EVGE-L-28-G 3/4″-ov-wd69.07 €
16028G 1″EVGE-L-28-G 1″-ov-wd46.51 €
16035G 1 1/4″EVGE-L-35-G 1 1/4″-ov-wd76.04 €
16042G 1 1/2″EVGE-L-42-G 1 1/2″-ov-wd82.50 €
S Serısı / Serıes
6306G 1/8″EVGE-S-06-G 1/8″-ov-wd11.88 €
6306G 1/4″EVGE-S-06-G 1/4″-ov-wd11.88 €
6308G 1/4″EVGE-S-08-G 1/4″-ov-wd11.99 €
6308G 3/8″EVGE-S-08-G 3/8″-ov-wd14.54 €
63010G 1/4″EVGE-S-10-G 1/4″-ov-wd12.98 €
63010G 3/8″EVGE-S-10-G 3/8″-ov-wd14.21 €
63010G 1/2″EVGE-S-10-G 1/2″-ov-wd17.94 €
63012G 1/4″EVGE-S-12-G 1/4″-ov-wd13.19 €
63012G 3/8″EVGE-S-12-G 3/8″-ov-wd14.52 €
63012G 1/2″EVGE-S-12-G 1/2″-ov-wd18.94 €
63014G 1/2″EVGE-S-14-G 1/2″-ov-wd19.78 €
40016G 3/8″EVGE-S-16-G 3/8″-ov-wd27.53 €
40016G 1/2″EVGE-S-16-G 1/2″-ov-wd26.25 €
40016G 3/4″EVGE-S-16-G 3/4″-ov-wd30.52 €
40020G 1/2″EVGE-S-20-G 1/2″-ov-wd27.16 €
40020G 3/4″EVGE-S-20-G 3/4″-ov-wd34.08 €
40025G 3/4″EVGE-S-25-G 3/4″-ov-wd50.41 €
40025G 1″EVGE-S-25-G 1″-ov-wd50.41 €
40030G 1 1/4″EVGE-S-30-G 1 1/4″-ov-wd60.75 €
31538G 1 1/2″EVGE-S-38-G 1 1/2″-ov-wd85.28 €


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