Hydraulic Stainless Manometer Fitting

Hydraulic Stainless Manometer Fitting


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Hydraulic Stainless Manometer Fitting

In hydraulic systems, the intermediate element that allows the manometer to be installed in the system perfectly is the manometer fitting. Our company operates in stock of the 316 quality manometer fitting product group.


Stainless Manometer Fitting

Stainless manometer fitting is in stock as Virgo and PH brand. You can find the technical details and list of prices of normal pressure L and high pressure S series products in the table below. Prices include stainless nuts and stainless rings. If requested, we can offer a price offer in the form of body without nuts and rings. We recommend that all connection elements on our website be used with 316ti or 316L stainless steel pipe.

Stainless Manometer Record Prices and Technical Details


PressurePipe DiameterThreadProduct CodePrice €
L Serısı / Serıes
3156G 1/4″MV-L-06-G 1/4″12.45 €
3156G 1/2″MV-L-06-G 1/2″19.58 €
3158G 1/4″MV-L-08-G 1/4″12.96 €
3158G 1/2″MV-L-08-G 1/2″19.58 €
31510G 1/4″MV-L-10-G 1/4″13.63 €
31510G 1/2″MV-L-10-G 1/2″19.69 €
31512G 1/4″MV-L-12-G 1/4″13.81 €
31512G 1/2″MV-L-12-G 1/2″19.84 €
S Serısı / Serıes
6306G 1/2″MV-S-06-G 1/2″17.90 €
6308G 1/4″MV-S-08-G 1/4″21.00 €
6308G 1/2″MV-S-08-G 1/2″18.28 €
63010G 1/4″MV-S-10-G 1/4″19.10 €
63010G 1/2″MV-S-10-G 1/2″19.10 €
63012G 1/4″MV-S-12-G 1/4″19.66 €
63012G 1/2″MV-S-12-G 1/2″19.66 €


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