Stainless Ferrule

Stainless Ferrule


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Stainless Ferrule

The stainless ferrule is made of hardened stainless steel. For single-ferrule and double-ferrule hydraulic systems, we keep the connection elements in stock in stainless steel. For stainless ferrules, we recommend suitable ASTM-A269 stainless pipes for ferrules.


Stainless Ferrule Technical Information

Stainless ferrule is the main element to prevent leakage. The ferrule between the nut and the connecting element opens a groove on the pipe by tightening the nut and proceeding along the angled line of the nut and body. In the sector, this is also called pipe bite. Putting the ferrule in the pipe provides sealing. At this point, pipe and ferrule tolerances must match.

If the pipe diameter is smaller than the required tolerances or the diameter of the ferrule is greater, the ferrule does not fit into the pipe and leaks sufficiently. Otherwise, if the pipe diameter is greater than the tolerances or the ferrule is smaller, the ring will not pass to the pipe. Therefore, we recommend stainless pipes produced according to ASTM-A269 standards for stainless ferrule fittings produced in DIN-2353 Norm .

The first of the above examples is more dangerous than the second. It can cause serious accidents as well as property damage. Leaks that cannot be felt at low pressures can cause major problems at high pressures.

Boru Iç Çapı / Pıpe ınner dıameterÜrün Kodu / Product codeFiyat / Price €
LL Serısı / Serıes
4SR-LL-04/1 K0.51 €
6SR-LL-06/1 K0.64 €
8SR-LL-08/1 K0.79 €
L Serısı / Serıes
6SR-L-06/2 K0.59 €
8SR-L-08/2 K0.69 €
10SR-L-10/2 K0.97 €
12SR-L-12/2 K1.10 €
15SR-L-15/2 K1.35 €
18SR-L-18/2 K1.51 €
22SR-L-22/2 K1.69 €
28SR-L-28/2 K2.58 €
35SR-L-35/2 K3.78 €
42SR-L-42/2 K4.32 €
S Serısı / Serıes
6SR-S-06/2 K0.59 €
8SR-S-08/2 K0.69 €
10SR-S-10/2 K0.97 €
12SR-S-12/2 K1.10 €
14SR-S-14/2 K1.33 €
16SR-S-16/2 K1.38 €
20SR-S-20/2 K1.61 €
25SR-S-25/2 K2.51 €
30SR-S-30/2 K3.63 €
38SR-S-38/2 K3.89 €


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