Stainless Nut

Stainless Nut


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Stainless Nut

The stainless nut is one of the complementary elements of the stainless pipe fittings. One of the connection types used in hydraulic installations is the connection type made with the help of nut and ferrule. During the assembly, the ferrule makes its own place on the pipe by using the clamping force of the nut and it is called as the ferrule bite in the market. The nut is mostly called with the outer diameter of the pipe to be used.

For example, the so-called “12-nut” product actually tells us that the pipe diameter to be used is 12mm. The stainless nuts you will get from our company are made of 316ti quality stainless steel.


Stainless Nut Technical Information

Our stainless nuts are produced from 316L or 316ti quality stainless steel.

Boru Ic Cap / Pıpe ınner dıameterDıs / ThreadUrun Kodu / Product codeFiyat / Price €
LL Serısı / Serıes
4M 8 x 1UWM-LL-042.15 €
6M 10 x 1UWM-LL-062.40 €
8M 12 x 1UWM-LL-082.71 €
L Serısı / Serıes
6M 12 x 1,5UWM-L-061.72 €
8M 14 x 1,5UWM-L-082.11 €
10M 16 x 1,5UWM-L-102.39 €
12M 18 x 1,5UWM-L-122.79 €
15M 22 x 1,5UWM-L-153.79 €
18M 26 x 1,5UWM-L-187.11 €
22M 30 x 2UWM-L-228.62 €
28M 36 x 2UWM-L-2812.27 €
35M 45 x 2UWM-L-3517.33 €
42M 52 x 2UWM-L-4223.11 €
S Serısı / Serıes
6M 14 x 1,5UWM-S-062.20 €
8M 16 x 1,5UWM-S-082.51 €
10M 18 x 1,5UWM-S-102.97 €
12M 20 x 1,5UWM-S-123.35 €
14M 22 x 1,5UWM-S-144.17 €
16M 24 x 1,5UWM-S-166.83 €
20M 30 x 2UWM-S-208.97 €
25M 36 x 2UWM-S-2516.11 €
30M 42 x 2UWM-S-3019.81 €
38M 52 x 2UWM-S-3827.92 €


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