Stainless Pipe Check Valve – Hydraulic Pipe Check Valve Prices

Stainless Pipe Check Valve – Hydraulic Pipe Check Valve Prices


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Stainless Pipe Check Valve – Hydraulic Pipe Check Valve Prices

Stainless pipe check valves are products that provide unidirectional movement to the fluid in the installation. Stainless pipe must be installed on both sides of the product. Standard opening pressure is 1 Bar. All our check valves are 316 stainless steel and PH brand. Please contact for different opening pressure values.


What is Stainless Steel Check Valve?

Check valves are valves designed to provide unidirectional movement of the fluid in installation and to prevent opposite movement of the fluid in the installation. The pipe check valve is the products that pipe can be connected to both sides of it. One of the most important issues in check valves is the opening pressure. The standard opening pressure of all check valves in our stocks is 1 Bar. We can work with different opening presses according to demand. BSP threaded check valve and NPT threaded check valves are available in our company.


Stainless Check Valve Prices and Technical Details

Note: The opening pressure is 0.5 Bar in 2” dimensions.

PressurePipe Diameter, Available Hydraulic PipeProduct CodePrice €
L Serısı / Serıes
25066 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-0656.24 €
25088 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-0861.36 €
2501010 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-1076.69 €
2501212 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-1284.36 €
2501515 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-1599.70 €
1601818 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-18130.38 €
1602222 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-22173.84 €
1002828 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-28222.93 €
1003535 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-35304.22 €
1004242 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-L-42457.61 €
L Serısı / Serıes
63066 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-0663.91 €
63088 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-0866.47 €
6301010 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-1074.14 €
6301212 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-1281.81 €
6301414 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-1492.03 €
4001616 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-16112.49 €
4002020 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-20173.84 €
4002525 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-25209.12 €
2503030 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-30309.34 €
2503838 mm Hidrolik BoruRD-S-38444.83 €

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