Stainless Tube Reducer Nipple

Stainless Tube Reducer Nipple


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Stainless Tube Reducer Nipple

Material type: AISI 316L or 316ti in stock

Standard Hydraulic TE: Assembled, Nut and Ring Included

Pipe to be used: ASTM-A269 Stainless Pipe

Pipe Size Range: 4mm-42mm


Stainless Tube Reducer Nipple

Proportional nipple allows connection of pipes of different diameters in hydraulic installations. Stainless pipe installation is done by ringing or using welded ring. Proportional nipple product is used in stainless steel installations.

Tee products are available in our sales as a body (except nuts and rings) and a complete. The letters S and L in the product codes indicate the pressure level and S-type products indicate that they can operate under higher pressures than L-type products. The table below shows the technical characteristics and working pressures of stainless pipe proportional nipples.

Important Note: Prices are assembled stainless proportional nipple prices.

Stainless Inegal Tube Reducer Nipple Technical Detail Table

PressurePipe DiameterProduct CodeAvailable PipePrice €
LL Serısı / serıes
100646mm-4mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-LL-06/0413.55 €
100868mm-6mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-LL-08/0614.95 €
L Serısı / serıes
500868mm-6mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-08/0613.04 €
50010610mm-6mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-10/0614.11 €
50010810mm-8mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-10/0815.98 €
40012612mm-6mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-12/0616.11 €
40012812mm-8mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-12/0817.38 €
400121012mm-10mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-12/1018.66 €
40015615mm-6mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-15/0619.79 €
40015815mm-8mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-15/0821.22 €
400151015mm-10mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-15/1022.73 €
400151215mm-12mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-15/1223.49 €
40018818mm-8mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-18/0830.68 €
400181018mm-10mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-18/1032.01 €
400181218mm-12mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-18/1233.46 €
400181518mm-15mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-18/1535.13 €
25022822mm-8mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-22/0844.28 €
250221022mm-10mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-22/1044.28 €
250221222mm-12mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-22/1244.43 €
250221522mm-15mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-22/1543.92 €
250221822mm-18mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-22/1846.53 €
250281028mm-10mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-28/1069.03 €
250281228mm-12mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-28/1272.35 €
250281528mm-15mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-28/1571.58 €
250281828mm-18mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-28/1874.14 €
250282228mm-22mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-28/2276.69 €
250351535mm-15mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-35/1593.21 €
250351835mm-18mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-35/1893.31 €
250352235mm-22mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-35/2293.67 €
250352835mm-28mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-35/28101.75 €
250421542mm-15mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-42/15126.80 €
250421842mm-18mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-42/18126.80 €
250422242mm-22mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-42/22127.31 €
250422842mm-28mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-42/28127.82 €
250423542mm-35mm Stainless Steel PipeGRV-L-42/35132.94 €


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