Stainless Swivel Connector– Stainless Steel Fitting Prices

Stainless Swivel Connector– Stainless Steel Fitting Prices


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Stainless Swivel Connector– Stainless Steel Fitting Prices

Material type:  AISI 316L or 316ti in stock

Standard Elbow: Complete Nut Ring Included

Pipe to be used: ASTM-A269 Stainless Pipe

Pipe Size Range: 4mm-42mm


Swivel Connection with Stainless Pipe Pin

There are two types of reverse connections required at some points in hydraulic systems. The first is so-called ring tightening and produced by the normal pipe ringing on the opposite side of the connection element. The other is produced by pin driving to the channel opened on the opposite side. Our product reverse elbow with stainless pin is the reverse connection form obtained in the second way.

Fittings are available in the body (excluding nuts and rings) and assembled in stocks. The letters S and L in the product codes  indicate the pressure level and S-type products indicate that they can operate under higher pressures than L-type products. The table below shows the technical characteristics and operating pressures of the stainless pipe fittings.

Important Note: Prices are assembled stainless steel pipe prices.

Stainless Swivel Connector Technical Detail Table

Basınc / PressureBoru Ic Cap / Pıpe ınner dıameterDıs / ThreadUrun Kodu / Product codeFiyat / Price €
PND1G / Dış DişG1 / İç Diş
L Serısı / Serıes
5006G 1/8″M 12 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-06-G 1/8″-wd17.33 €
5006G 1/4″M 12 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-06-G 1/4″-wd19.38 €
4006G 3/8″M 12 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-06-G 3/8″-wd24.44 €
5008G 1/8″M 14 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-08-G 1/8″-wd19.65 €
5008G 1/4″M 14 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-08-G 1/4″-wd18.61 €
4008G 3/8″M 14 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-08-G 3/8″-wd24.44 €
4008G 1/2″M 14 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-08-G 1/2″-wd29.91 €
50010G 1/8″M 16 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-10-G 1/8″-wd21.60 €
50010G 1/4″M 16 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-10-G 1/4″-wd20.63 €
40010G 1/2″M 16 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-10-G 1/2″-wd29.91 €
40010G 3/8″M 16 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-10-G 3/8″-wd24.44 €
40012G 1/8″M 18 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-12-G 1/8″-wd22.75 €
40012G 1/4″M 18 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-12-G 1/4″-wd22.75 €
40012G 3/8″M 18 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-12-G 3/8″-wd22.75 €
40012G 1/2″M 18 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-12-G 1/2″-wd29.40 €
40015G 3/8″M 22 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-15-G 3/8″-wd31.96 €
40015G 1/2″M 22 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-15-G 1/2″-wd29.14 €
25015G 3/4″M 22 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-15-G 3/4″-wd48.50 €
40018G 3/8″M 26 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-18-G 3/8″-wd48.80 €
40018G 1/2″M 26 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-18-G 1/2″-wd42.13 €
31518G 3/4″M 26 x 1,5EGE-DKOL-18-G 3/4″-wd48.80 €
25022G 1/2″M 30 x 2EGE-DKOL-22-G 1/2″-wd48.50 €
25022G 3/4″M 30 x 2EGE-DKOL-22-G 3/4″-wd48.93 €
25022G 1″M 30 x 2EGE-DKOL-22-G 1″-wd76.50 €
25028G 3/4″M 36 x 2EGE-DKOL-28-G 3/4″-wd76.60 €
25028G 1″M 36 x 2EGE-DKOL-28-G 1″-wd76.69 €
25035G 1 1/4″M 45 x 2EGE-DKOL-35-G 1 1/4″-wd120.16 €
25042G 1 1/2″M 52 x 2EGE-DKOL-42-G 1 1/2″-wd132.94 €
S Serısı / Serıes
8006G 1/4″M 14 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-06-G 1/4″-wd19.07 €
8008G 1/4″M 16 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-08-G 1/4″-wd19.79 €
8008G 3/8″M 16 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-08-G 3/8″-wd22.50 €
80010G 3/8″M 18 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-10-G 3/8″-wd22.55 €
80010G 1/4″M 18 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-10-G 1/4″-wd31.34 €
63010G 1/2″M 18 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-10-G 1/2″-wd31.34 €
63012G 1/4″M 20 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-12-G 1/4″-wd24.18 €
63012G 3/8″M 20 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-12-G 3/8″-wd24.18 €
63012G 1/2″M 20 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-12-G 1/2″-wd31.34 €
63014G 1/2″M 22 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-14-G 1/2″-wd31.34 €
63016G 3/8″M 24 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-16-G 3/8″-wd43.25 €
63016G 1/2″M 24 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-16-G 1/2″-wd43.46 €
42016G 3/4″M 24 x 1,5EGE-DKOS-16-G 3/4″-wd57.45 €
42020G 1/2″M 30 x 2EGE-DKOS-20-G 1/2″-wd57.60 €
42020G 3/4″M 30 x 2EGE-DKOS-20-G 3/4″-wd57.78 €
42020G 1″M 30 x 2EGE-DKOS-20-G 1″-wd84.10 €
42025G 3/4″M 36 x 2EGE-DKOS-25-G 3/4″-wd84.25 €
42025G 1″M 36 x 2EGE-DKOS-25-G 1″-wd84.36 €
42030G 1″M 42 x 2EGE-DKOS-30-G 1″-wd99.70 €
42030G 1 1/4″M 42 x 2EGE-DKOS-30-G 1 1/4″-wd99.70 €
42038G 1 1/2″M 52 x 2EGE-DKOS-38-G 1 1/2″-wd148.28 €


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