Welded Nipple

Welded Nipple


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Welded Nipple

Stainless steel welded nipple used in hydraulic installations has one side pipe inlet with nut and ferrule and the other side is flared suitable for welding. High pressure resistant welded nipples are made of AISI 316L and AISI 316ti quality stainless steel.


Welded Nipples Technical Information

Our welded nipples are made of 316L or 316ti quality stainless steel.

Basınç / PressurBoru İç Çapı / Pıpe ınner dıameterÜrün Kodu / Product codeFiyat / Price €
L Serısı / Serıes
500610ASV-L-068.18 €
500812ASV-L-089.02 €
5001014ASV-L-1010.89 €
4001216ASV-L-1211.27 €
4001519ASV-L-1514.19 €
4001822ASV-L-1823.42 €
2502227ASV-L-2231.19 €
2502832ASV-L-2845.51 €
2503540ASV-L-3558.80 €
2504246ASV-L-4279.25 €
S Serısı / Serıes
800611ASV-S-0610.79 €
800813ASV-S-0812.22 €
8001015ASV-S-1013.37 €
6301217ASV-S-1213.55 €
6301419ASV-S-1418.05 €
6301621ASV-S-1623.88 €
4202026ASV-S-2033.23 €
4202531ASV-S-2551.39 €
4203036ASV-S-3063.40 €
4203844ASV-S-3884.36 €


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